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Masters of produce and artisans in the kitchen.

Before the sun rises each morning, our bakery and our kitchen are afoot preparing the day’s meals and most authentic sweets and breads. Every piece of produce you touch is ripe. Unlike other markets, new produce arrives daily. We put forth to the floor only what’s ready for your family.

Geniuses in every department, in each corner of our store.

Each and every department is populated with skilled artisans and artists, masters and experts on our products. And all at your service.

Our Family to Yours, Always.

Our vast, rich tapestry of history is strengthened only by our dedication to our customers, and to one another. We are a family at Northgate, rich in tradition, heritage, and in a commitment to authenticity; we are warriors of flavor, champions of inspiration and innovation, and protectors of the kitchen and your family’s table.

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Partnering Locally to          Grow Worldwide.

Our partners are our neighbors. Our freshest ingredients depend on our reliability, accountability and minimizing the journeys of our foods. Our shrimp is from Mexico, our meats from neighboring farms, our authentic specialty ingredients from their homelands. We partner local to maintain our truth: that we are always authentic, and always with the freshest of products.

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The Best of Mexico, All In Our Kitchen.

Our kitchen is life. It is centuries of tradition that go into each and every one of our daily prepared meals. We’ve journeyed our homeland for the most blissful, soulful, inspiring recipes, and have brought an entire country’s worth all under one roof, prepared daily, for you and your table.

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